Friday, April 30, 2010

An article i just wrote...trying to get some press.

Most people have some kind of art in their gardens. Water features, statuary, or metal art. It’s nice to have something out there to create a focal point or take the place of dying plants. It is interesting to see the diversity of garden art available these days. A lot of it incorporates glass or beads or some sort of glittery bling. Unfortunately, a lot of it is rather cheesy. Sure, some people love little garden fairies, a big heron, or the infamous metal salmon on a stake but for the modern gardener there isn’t a lot of cool art that’s not kitchy.
That is what inspired northwest crafter and designer, Brett Cleveland to inspire a whole new approach to the garden art world. “I have always loved Modern and Japanese architecture, even when I was a kid. It has forever changed how I’ve approached design. Modern design is always about creating something new, something that has never been made before. My art always mimics nature in some way but it is unique. I follow the philosophy that simple is always better.”
Brett started his company, Red Grass Designs, in 2004. He resides in Bellingham, Washington and travels up and down the west coast in the summer months selling his art at garden and craft shows. “I really enjoy selling at craft shows. To me, it is more rewarding to sell directly to the public. I have several customers who buy something new every year. A lot of times customers will stop by my booth just to tell me that they love their piece and see it everyday. I really like that, it keeps me going and challenges me to create new designs”
Boasting seventeen original garden art designs, there is truly something for any modern gardener. From Asian to contemporary garden stakes a lot of his pieces have kinetic aspects as well as recycled qualities. You can find his products for sale on his website or at a craft fair on the west coast. Check his site for details.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Next Please

Well, besides scheduling upcoming shows for the holidays, October has been a semi-productive month. I have a few railing jobs secured and getting all of the necessary material handling out of the way. The first will be a new railing and gate for Rudy's Pizza. With the cost of steel going up I am trying to use more and more recycled steel. Its always intersting showing up at the scrapyard and figuring out what I can use where. The Rudy's railing will prove interesting. With a limited budget, I will try to create something cool. It is not too often that I get projects with complete artistic freedom. It proves daunting sometimes but I am at my best when I can "fake" it. It also saves me alot of time and money. The design phase of most of these projects usually take as much time as me making the piece. And its usually unpaid time....which is no fun either.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog...

Ahhh to blog or not to blog that is the question. I never thought I would have much time for this but I thought it would be interesting to add posts, pics, and progress reports of my business of making art and a little family life too. I've been hearing for long time now that a blog can increase traffic flow to your website and blah, blah, blah. I'm going to use it as a way to document my progress....project to project, maybe let out a little steam sometimes and see what fun it can bring.